Daniel Döderlein

I create businesses and share my learnings to help others succeed.

Serial entrepreneur with 25 years of experience from startups, scale-ups and grown up companies across tech, product and service design, advertising, media, apparel and financial services.

Awarded Entrepreneur of the Year in 2014 by the Norwegian Venture Capital Association. Daniel has been on the Google Cloud advisory board, contributed as a fintech expert at Forbes, been live on CNBC, BBC and appeared in several podcasts, sharing his insights, experiences, opinions and predictions.

Daniel has attended the Pretotyping course by Alberto Savoia, and is a firm believer and practitioner of the ‘validation before creation‘ principle.

Services offered
Speaking engagements
Courses in product development (for startups, scale-ups and grown up companies)
Advisory services
Board seat

LinkedIn | daniel@doderlein.com | +47 900 17 777